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Re: ein "folkeboot" aus niederlehme - berlin?

Verfasst: Di 14. Nov 2017, 21:58
von Winge
I am restoring a Folkboat in Ireland from this maker,
Robert Franz.
Any Information would be appreciated..plate says
Best Regards,

Re: ein "folkeboot" aus niederlehme - berlin?

Verfasst: Do 6. Jun 2019, 21:46
von Maris_S

Maybe somebody know how to find a owner of folkeboot "Luchs" or owner of other Nordic Folkeboot made by Eikboom or Fishkomb in Rostock during 1965-1969>

I would like to buy a similar folkeboat, you can see it in picture. This boat is made in Rostock in 1967, unfortunately documents of the boat like drawings, plans, registration papers etc. is lost. I have only old contracts with previous owner from 1996 and owner from 2015 (in attachment). I would like to register this boat in Latvian ship register, but I need to find a drawings, plans and specific data sheet about boat dimensions of similar boat. I found that you have such documents. You attached these documents in small resolution in the forum.

Would you be so kind and can you do a good quality scans in A5 format or good quality pictures of these documents, I’m ready to reimburse your expenses.

I would be very appreciate for your help!


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