Information Yacht Walküre 1939 RORC Fastnet?

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Information Yacht Walküre 1939 RORC Fastnet?

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I am seeking information on a German yacht called Walküre which sailed in the 1939 RORC Fastnet Race. I have gleaned the following information from the race entry list and from Michael Moore’s book The Windfall Yachts:

61 ft Bermudan yawl, built 1939. Sail Number G/46. RORC Rating 37.74 feet. Yacht Club MRV (Marine Regatta Verein). Owner Kriegsmarine.

She was a “windfall” yacht but there is no reference as to where she was allocated and I have found no record in Lloyd's Register post-war

There are various references in Die Yacht for 1939 with respect to the 1939 Fastnet Race, but I have been unable to find any details of her designer, builder, dimensions or any good photographs or drawings.

Is anyone able to help?